i fear that all my cries fell upon deaf ears

...i caress flesh with severed nerves

23 July
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.you're all one race.the human race.just a different smile.for a different face.
-rx bandits-


tink72 made this for ME. biatch <3

My Anti-Drug : Watching Them Destroy You!

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Free layouts + codes! Fun fun =)

thanks to vanity_d0ll for letting me use a layout code.
everyone check out her community. its great. <3

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"you guys are...different" |s.t.e.v.e|

we're different steve? haha <3

but something in side of you was so afraid
that no one out there ever cared for you
that no one out there would fall in love with you
so many people felt that way for you
but like me they never said it out loud to you..


Marriage is love.

i use images i find on google for backgrounds and icons sometimes, so if you i have one that belongs to you let me know and i will credit you or i will take it down. thank you. <3
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